From the Consul General

Dear Compatriots,

The first of September 2014, I was assigned  Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in London. An honourable posting in a vibrant country, based on a background with a lot of Moroccan interests. My first experience with the United Kingdom goes back to the year 2000 when I was appointed for a period of 15 months to insure the transition from a consular section to a Consulate General.

In line with the high directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May Allah Glorify and Assist His Majesty, and the guidance and support of His Excellency the Ambassador of His Majesty the King to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, I shall spare no effort to serve the Moroccan community established in this country in the best way possible.

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in London, is an integral part of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in London supporting Government policy and protecting Moroccan interests. Today the Consulate provides country-wide a variety of consular services to Moroccan citizens and visa services to people seeking to travel or immigrate to Morocco.

My intentions are to work in partnership with all actors within the Moroccan Community and local authorities for a successful and smooth integration of Moroccans in the British society while preserving the identity and cultural heritage of the country of origin.

To reach this goal, I hope to open a dialogue that will serve as a springboard for more collaboration to come within the community of Moroccans living in the United Kingdom. The main objective is to see all Moroccan Community members interact with the Consulate General as an institution preserving your interests and responding to your needs.

I really count on every one of you to work together towards a strong and well-organized community and earn the respect we all deserve and build trust within the concept of management emphasized by His Majesty Mohammed VI, May Allah Glorify and Assist His Majesty.

Kind regards,
Abderrahim Beyyoudh
Consul General






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